Person Centred








In order to help you with your decision in choosing which counsellor to work with. I

thought I would tell you a bit about the way I work. You can then decide if this way

would be appropriate for you.


The Person Centred approach to counselling means basically what it says - that you the

person will be at the centre of the counselling. It means that you are the most important

person in our work together. I will listen carefully to you and your situation. I will be

understanding and accepting of you and I will be fully committed in working with you.













I believe that if you experience this way of being listened to,

you will find a way through your problems or difficulties.

You will become more clearer about who you are and what you need.

You will be more confident.


This approach was developed by Carl Rogers, who discovered that when he truly listened

to people and did not try to 'fix them' he noticed that the person had the answers themselves.

Person Centred Counselling is different to other approaches in that it does not offer

'techniques' or 'solutions' but helps you find what works for you.


Having worked this way now since 2003 I personally could not work any other way. There

is nothing more satisfying than seeing people take control of their life again and developing

into the person they truly are.



'If I can provide a certain type of relationship, the other person will discover within himself, the capacity to use our relationship for growth and personal development will occur' Carl Rogers